My Pledge to Ottawa Centre

There is an epic amount of work to be done. This work requires political leadership and wise investment of federal resources. Andrew Scheer and our Conservative team are delivering that positive vision. My pledge is to turn our vision into a competent and caring federal government. Canadians deserve a government that cares about more than its image. We deserve a government that is fiscally responsible, and that knows how to work with the provinces and territories. I will be knocking on doors in every part of Ottawa Centre this year. I look forward to meeting you. I’ll be doing my best to earn your confidence and your vote.

I am concerned that Justin Trudeau's Liberals have mortgaged our future, instead of making the careful decisions necessary for responsible fiscal management. In spite of promises to balance the budget by 2019, the deficit has ballooned to $18.1 billion dollars.

Growth is slowing globally, and our economy is not as well positioned as it ought to be should conditions take a turn for the worse. This has real risks. Every Canadian’s prosperity, our security, our public services, our social safety net and our tax burden would be affected in the aftermath of another recession.

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The Liberals, having stretched the limits of federal borrowing ever since their election, are curtailing the government's ability to act. Conservatives were able to guide the economy through the 2009 economic downturn because we were responsible fiscal managers. This is not the case for Justin Trudeau.

Canadians shouldn't have to be anxious about our country’s direction, or about this government's seeming inability to address problems quickly and decisively. It’s time to forge ahead.

Elected representatives should look for the middle ground, listen to Canadians, and build practical policies.

Conservatives are pragmatic. We have a proven track record of responsible pro-growth economic management.

Join my team to make our positive Conservative vision a reality!

With Parliament in the riding, our community has a front row seat on national issues. These are significant topics, but Ottawa Centre still needs a Member of Parliament who cares about local issues affecting residents’ quality of life.

When I look to the future for Ottawa Centre, I envision thriving businesses, a culture of entrepreneurship, better access to healthcare, renewed infrastructure, safe streets and family-friendly neighbourhoods. We also need to make sure that our public servants can get their pay cheques on time, after three years of delays and excuses.

Conservatives believe in fiscal accountability, inclusive social policy, economic opportunity and individual rights and responsibilities. That’s the balanced approach that addresses short and long term problems most effectively.

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We need a federal government that leads in critically important areas like healthcare, meeting our Paris Climate Accord targets, and building a competitive economy. I am ready to take on these challenges as your representative.

Thank you.

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